This is the NVIS blog. Here we will cover lots of things about NVIS, and help you setup your network. One of the first things people ask is, what IS NVIS?

NVIS is invisible. It is an overlay network onto of an existing infrastructure, like the Internet. It is similar to a Software Defined Network (SDN), but much simpler and easier to use. NVIS can best be classified as an anonymity network (like TOR, but does not use onion routing that bounces you around the Internet at great performance cost. Neither is it vulnerable to exposure like TOR, or any of the VPNs like SSL VPN that expose IP headers to show source and destination.

So, again, what is NVIS? We call it a Managed Anonymity Network because you can provision it centrally, but nodes are distributed and operate independently to connect to each other peer-to-peer, and encrypted at layer-2.

How is it anonymous? In addition to not being visible on the Internet, NVIS assigns each device permanent NVIS IP addresses that are distinct from public Internet IPs so they can co-exist without conflicts, and cannot be geolocated. Each device is also assigned a unique address on the Ethereum blockchain — a public key, aka a wallet address. This will be used for authentication globally via the blockchain.

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